Due to COVID19, the tour will be online from August 17th to August 29th.

This call for papers will be closed May 31st, 2020

This form has three sections:
1. Section of Speaker information.
2. Section of events that you want to participate. Please make sure you can make it!
3. Proposals (up to 3).

Oracle Groundbreakers Tour LATAM 2020 will have the following tracks:

– Database
– Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning
– Cloud Native Development
– Java Development
– Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

**The tracks will run from 10AM (Sao Paulo Time) to 6PM (Sao Paulo Time)**

The dates per track are the following:

– Monday August 17th ———— > Database Track
– Tuesday August 18th ———— > APEX Track
– Wednesday August 19th ———— > Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning Track
– Thursday August 20th ———— > Java Development Track
– Friday August 21st ———— > Cloud Native Track Track
– Monday August 24th ———— > IoT, Chatbots, Mobile Development Track
– Tuesday August 25th ———— > Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Track
– Wednesday August 26th ———— > Java Development Track
– Thursday August 27th ———— > Database Track

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments please reach out us at info <at> laouc.org

Thanks for your support!