This session will be held in English

Oracle announced in December 2019 its Spatial and Graph features are now included without additional licensing costs for Oracle databases. This means application developers now have low-cost access to powerful geolocation, routing, and mapping capabilities – a welcome addition for any Application Express (APEX) application that previously shied away from implementing those features.

This session demonstrates a real-life use case – handling the changing demands of a modern election campaign, including managing widely-dispersed volunteers and voters, using geolocation for merchandise distribution, and identifying “flippable” voters with ML and analytics – through a mobile-capable APEX application.

• APEX, Machine Learning, and Spatial & Graph: A Perfect Pairing
• Applying ML Algorithms to Find Voters of Interest
• Using Web Source Modules (WSMs) to Gather External GeoCoding Data Efficiently
• Creating Efficient Delivery Routes for Volunteers Via GIS Features
• Leveraging APEX Plug-Ins for Mapping

The attendee will learn:
1. How APEX, ML, and Spatial & Graph features make for efficient mapping and routing problem-solving
2. How Web Source Modules and APEX_EXEC offer access to external data sources without ever downloading a single file
3. How SDO_GEOMETRY features make short work of routing, geolocation, and mapping

SPEAKER: Jim Czuprynski