This session will be held in English

APEX Interactive Grids have a myriad of customization options, some declarative, and most via JavaScript APIs. How does one stay sane, organized and consistent with so many options? Standardize! Learn techniques to deliver clean, uniform, customized interactive grids within a single application, or across many developers and many applications across an organization. It is easier than you think.

We will discuss the importance of standards in grid development, labeling, configuration and customization. We will discuss and demonstrate several options standardize grid features within and across your applications: plugins, common configuration files and CSS classes. Decide upon your grid options, code them once, then include and use everywhere. Better yet, not everyone needs to be a JavaScript expert to implement your standard grid configurations. Attend to learn how to standardize your grids: increase productivity and save on sanity at the same time.

SPEAKER: Karen Cannell