This session will be held in English

As a DBA, we often need to either build some PLSQL or advise developers on the best practices. As soon as we discuss it, as better, once We’ll end up debugging and improving it sooner or later in case we do it poorly. My question is: Are you prepared to provide this sort of guidance to your Dev Team?
After all, considering all the different languages and process involved on the Development cycle, being able to help out on the language that runs on our database component, it’s the minimum of our sole mission to be complaint to the DevOps culture.

In this session, I’ll cover some of the most common mistakes I’ve seen in many years supporting development teams across the globe and show how a DBA can help identify and anticipate this sort of situation.
Also, if you are a Developer, don’t miss the chance to make your DBA very happy and provide him material to help him in his daily tasks. This session covers from methodologies and strategies to tooling and codes.


SPEAKER: Matheus Boesing